Compiler Companies

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AbsInt provides advanced tools and services in the areas optimizing compilers, program analysis and worst case execution time. Products include program optimizers (postpass code compaction), software visualization, and program analyis tools (e.g. stack usage).
Fortran 77 and FORTRAN 90 for WinNT, Win95, Win3.1, Linux, and Macintosh. C/C++ for Macintosh.
ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv
The CoSy compiler development system is a new approach in compiler construction, enabling compiler developers to generate better and faster compilers quicker for architectures ranging from 4 bit DSP to 256 bit VLIW and various languages. ACE provides CoSy to the professional compiler developer from the microprocessor, computer and compiler industries.
Ada Core Technologies
GNAT is a high-quality, complete compiler for Ada95, integrated into the GCC compiler system, and distributed freely, with sources, under the Copyleft policy of the Free Software Foundation. Ada Core Technologies provides commercial support for GNAT and related software, including maintenance, porting of Ada83 applications to Ada95, porting of GNAT to new hardware platforms, training, and consulting.
Analog Devices
Analog Devices (ADI) and Green Hills Software (GHS) provide Blackfin Processor object file-compatible development tools.
Allegro Consultants
Specializes in products and services for clients with Hewlett-Packard PA-RISC and Itanium based computers, the HP e3000 and HP 9000.
ANSI C compilers, assemblers, simulators, RTOS's and emulators for the ST6, 8051, Philips 51Xa and SmartCard families of micro-controllers.
Amsterdam Compiler Kit
A cross-platform compiler and toolchain suite that is small, portable, extremely fast, and extremely flexible. It targets a number of low-end machines including the Z80, 8086 and 80386, but there are many other code generators available. It supports several languages, including ANSI C, Pascal and Modula-2, and contains integrated runtime libraries including a libc.
Apogee Software
Highly optimizing C/C++ cross-compilers targeted at PowerPC, MIPS32/64, ARM32/16, StrongARM, XScale, and SPARC embedded processors running popular real-time operating systems and highly optimizing C/C++ and FORTRAN native compilers for Solaris workstations and servers.
Archelon Inc.
Archelon makes a User Retargetable Development Tools system which allows you to build a C compiler and related tools for pretty much any machine. They also make a C compiler and tool set for the Intel i960® embedded systems RISC microprocessor.
C cross-development tools for the ARM and Thumb processors.
Avocet Systems
ANSI C Cross-compilers for 8051 family, 68HC11, TMS320C10/C20, H8 series, and 196.
Axiomatic Solutions Sdn Bhd
We develop a C compiler/IDE that targets the Java Virtual Machine. It produces Java byte code directly and it's meant for programmers who prefer the C language to develop platform independent applications. It can also be used to re-compile «old» C programs to port to the JVM.
Engineering and project management consulting company focused on program development tools and embedded computing systems.
C++Builder, Delphi, and JBuilder.
Byte Craft Limited
Optimizing C compilers for PIC16/17Cxx, Freescale HC05/HC08/RS08, National COP8, Freescale eTPU, Parallax SX, MELPS740, and Z8. Fuzzy Logic preprocessor for C.
C to JVM compiler
We have been developing a product called MPC (Multi-Platform C) that compiles C code directly to Java Byte Code.
CEIBO C/EC++ Compiler for 8051, 251, XA, MX.
CMX Company
ANSI C compilers for 6805, 68HC05, Z80/180/64180, 8051 and variants, 80186/188, 8051-XA, H8/300/300H, and PIC 16 & 17 series.
Compiler Technology for Scalable Architectures
Our research aims at automatically generating high quality code that takes advantage of the wide range of heterogeneous parallelism for Scale-Up and Scale-Out architectures. We propose "single source" compiler solutions for heterogeneous memory and computational subsystems using automatically-partitioned code and data, as well as software-managed cache for irregular data accesses. We exploit parallelism at all levels, including data and task level parallelism as well as SIMD parallelism.
COSMIC Software Inc
COSMIC specializes in embedded software development tools for Motorola 8, 16 and 32-bit microcontrollers. Products include optimizing C compilers, assemblers, and C/ASM source-level debuggers for 68HC05, 68HC08, 6809, 68HC11, 68HC12, 68HC16, 683xx, 680x0.
Crescent Bay Software
VAST compilers, translators, and optimizers for Fortran 77, Fortran 90, HPF, and C* (data parallel C).
Custom Computer Services
CCSC is a cross compiler which supports Microchip's PICmicro MCUs and Scenix MCUs
DDC-I is a supplier of Ada, JOVIAL, FORTRAN and C Compilers and Debuggers for safety critical real-time embedded applications.
Digital Mars C and C++ Compilers
Digital Mars C and C++ Compilers for Win32, Win16, DOS32 and DOS. Fastest compile/link times, powerful optimization technology, Design by Contract, complete library source, HTML browsable documentation, disassembler, librarian, resource compiler, make, etc., command line and GUI versions, tutorials, sample code, online updates, and much more!
Dignus, LLC
Dignus produces compilers for the IBM 390 mainframe.
Dunfield Development Systems
C cross compilers for the 68HC08, 6809, 68HC11, 68HC12, 8080/85, 8086, and 8096.
Edison Design Group
C++, Java, and FORTRAN front-ends for the OEM market.
Eiffel from ISE
Description: The ISE Eiffel compiler and development environment. Includes: compiling, browsing, documentation, C package generation (cross-compilation), fast recompilation (melting ice), optimization, plus about 3000 reusable library classes (graphics, CORBA, COM, client-server communication, databases etc.). Fully object-oriented.

Platforms: Windows NT, Windows 95, Digitl VMS, Linux, Unix (Solaris, SunOS, SGI IRIX, HP-UX, IBM RS/6000, Unixware, Digital Unix on Alpha...) etc.

Fabius Software Systems
ANSI C cross compiler for Motorola 68HC11. Includes assembler, linker, and library.
Since 1973 FORTH, Inc. has served the needs of software developers involved in real-time applications. Our Forth compilers for PCs, Macs and Intel/Motorola microcontrollers have been used by Apple, Federal Express, NASA, Owens-Corning, Spalding and many other well known companies.
Our compilers and development systems provide interactive development for rapid prototyping and produce extremely compact and efficient code.
Call us at 1-800-55-FORTH or 310-372-8493 for more information!
Franklin Software
C cross-compiler for 8051 family.
Franz Inc.
Allegro ANSI Common Lisp programming tools.
Gold Hill
GCLISP (Golden Common Lisp) for Windows 3.1, 95 and NT. Also, GoldWorks III an Expert System Shell.
Green Hills Software
Ada, C, C++, Fortran, and Pascal compilers for native and embedded platforms including DEC Alpha, Intel i960, MIPS R3000/R4000, Motorola 68K and PowerPC, NEC V800 series, SPARC, and TRW RH32.
HCL Technologies
Develop Interpreter, Compiler, Optimizer, Simulator, Debugger for any target processor. Port, enhance, optimize and maintain GNU or proprietary tool chain. Support for the tools to allow customers to focus on their core development activities instead of tools maintenance. Develop Translators from one language to another language. Develop Test Automation Tools to automate existing test bed. Perform Verification and Validation of tool chain. Perform Benchmarking of tool chain.
HI-TECH Software
High-performance, low-cost ANSI C cross compilers for a wide range of popular microcontrollers. Integrated development environment offers ease-of-use, combined with a high-reliability code generator that produces the smallest, fastest code from your ANSI standard C source.
IAR Systems Software
IAR's Embedded Workbench comes with optimized C cross compiler, macro assembler, linker, librarian, C source level debugger and fully integrated development environment under DOS, Windows and Unix workstations. Target microcontrollers supported are : Intel 8051,80251, 80196, 80296 - Motorola 6811, 6812, 6816 - Zilog Z80/180 - Hitachi 64180, H8/300H, H8S - Mitsubishi M16C, 7700, 740 - NEC 78K0, 78K4 - Atmel AT90S, AT89 - Toshiba TlCS900 - TI MSP430.
IBM VisualAge: A multi-language and multi-platform product set of application development tools. Supported languages include C, C++, COBOL, and Smalltalk. Supported environments include AIX, AS/400, MVS, OS/2, Solaris, and Windows.
ANSI C and quality code generation wrapped in an easy-to-use modern GUI Development Environment for Atmel AVR, TI MSP430, ARM and Freescale HC12 / HCS12 / HCS12X as well as other Freescale devices.
Informatik Centrum Dortmund - Embedded Systems Group
Informatik Centrum Dortmund (ICD) provides a C Compiler framework to facilitate development of source code analyzers, source level optimizers and complete compiler toolchains. Besides software licenses, ICD offers development service of such tools.
Interpreter Open Basic
This is short description of Open Basic: Open Basic (OB) is realization of the interpreter of language Basic. OB is developed for embed to user application as a script language. User may attach (connect) user function to Open Basic execution system. The user functions can be written on C/C++, assembler or others languages. The user functions can receive parameters from the Basic-program and return results to Basic-program.
Development tools for C/C++ Programming Language; Compete C++ compilers for variety of machines and operating systems; Tools for static analyzing of the C/C++ source code for variety of machines; Complete development packages for new processors cooperating with processors manufacturers to make the high-performance tools that let to use all architecture features. Currently site available only in russian, english version is still under development.
Introl Corporation
C cross-compiler for 68HC11.
Irie Pascal
Irie Pascal is a 32-bit Standard Pascal compiler/interpreter. Programs compiled on any supported platforms run (without recompilation) on any supported platforms. The supported platforms ,at the time this was written, are Win95/NT, OS/2, and DOS (32-bit DOS extended included).
Irvine Compiler Corp.
Provides Ada development environments, hosted on various UNIX, Microsoft Windows, and VAX/VMS systems.
Keil Software
Keil, an ARM® Company, makes C compilers, macro assemblers, real-time kernels, debuggers, simulators, integrated environments, evaluation boards, and emulators for ARM7/ARM9/Cortex-M3, XC16x/C16x/ST10, 251, and 8051 MCU families.
C++ and FORTRAN compilers and related development tools for Intel processors.
KPIT GNU Tools & Technical Support
The KPIT GNU tools for Renesas' SH and H8 micros are pre-built binary tool chains packaged in ready to use Windows & Linux Installers along with Release Notes, Tutorials and FAQs.
Lahey Computer Systems
Fortran compilers and Fortran-callable libraries and other productivity tools.
LCC Win32
A C compiler, assembler, linker, IDE, windowed debugger, Resource editor, Resource compiler, Import library generator, a full set of header files (3.5 MB) for the windows environment, a full set of import libraries, and 400+ pages of documentation.
Liant Software Corporation
PL/1, Cobol, C, and Fortran compilers for Sequent, SPARC, HP, AIX, and Win95. Liant's major focus is PL/1, which allows mainframe users to move to other platforms.
McCabe & Associates
McCabe & Associates is the leading provider of Software Testing, Quality Assurance and Configuration Management solutions worldwide to top commercial software, finance, defense, healthcare and telecommunications corporations.
High C/C++ compilers for DOS, Windows, IBM OS/2, UNIX SVR4, embedded 386/486/Pentium, and embedded PowerPC.
Metrowerks creates CodeWarrior software and hardware products and services for developers, with a particular focus on solutions for the following industries: consumer electronics; transportation; wireless; and networking and communications.
Micro Focus
COBOL compilers and programming environments for a variety of platforms from PC's to mainframes.
Micro-Processor Services, Inc.
Auto migration compiler tools to convert from Cobol, PL/1, Pascal, Delphi, IBM ASM360, ASM370, ASM390, Intel ASM86, PL/M, Masm, Tasm, Rasm, ASM68K, ASM68XX to C, C++, C#, J#, Java, XML, or UML.
Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Fortran for DOS, Win96, WinNT, and Macintosh.
Microtec Research
C/C++ cross-compilers, XRAY debugger, and realtime kernels for 68K, SPARC, and PowerPC.
Natural Bridge
High performance JavaTM bytecode compiler, library, and runtime for Windows NT., Windows. 98, and Windows 95.
Neuron Computing
Source code parsing, analysis and automatic conversion for C, C++, C#, Java, VB, COBOL. Compilers and JIT under development. Neuron Shell product - disassemble PE (DLL, EXE) and Java CLASS files and view the code as ASM.
Nucleus RTOS: Source Code, Royalty Free
Microtec C and C++ Compilers are complete cross-compiler solutions that include a compiler, assembler, and linker, all optimized for building embedded applications. Microtec C & C++ Compilers may be used as stand-alone tools or with Mentor Graphics' XRAY Debugger. In addition, they are compatible with many third-party debuggers, emulators, and real-time operating systems
NULLSTONE Automated Compiler Performance Analysis Tool
The NULLSTONE Automated Compiler Performance Analysis Tool that uses a QA approach of test coverage and isolation to measure an optimizer. The NULLSTONE methodology increases compiler performance by:
* Isolating performance regressions and defects;
* Identifying opportunities for improvements;
* Establishing development completion criteria; and
* Providing detailed competitive data.
Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd
NAGWare FORTRAN 77 and FORTRAN 90 compilers, and numercial libraries.
OC Systems
Ada 95 compiler, browser, and debugger for AIX and Lynx.
The Express parallel programming environment and Insure++ automatic runtime debugger.
Portland Group
High-performance scalar and parallel compilers for C, C++, Fortran 77, and HPF.
Power Basic
PowerBASIC DLL Compiler for Windows.
ProGrammar Parser Development Toolkit
ProGrammar delivers the power and rigor required to build compilers, interpreters, protocol translators and scripting languages; yet is incredibly easy to use. Its features include an object-oriented grammar definition language, visual development environment, interactive debugging with stepping and breakpoints, many useful examples, and royalty-free distribution of the parsers. ProGrammar runs on 32-bit Windows/C++ platforms, and will soon support Java. Free trial-version available.
Red Hat GNUPro Developer Tools
Red Hat offers many different tools for embedded as well as native application developers. Have you ever spent time supporting tools that you did not develop instead of spending time developing your application? Red Hat can help keep developers productive by quickly solving compiler, debugger and other GNU tools related issues that may arise. In addition, Cygwin helps developers easily migrate their applications from Linux (or other flavors of Unix) to Windows, maintaining the Unix look-and-feel.
Rational Suite DevelopmentStudio is an integrated, full-lifecycle solution for software architects, designers, analysts, and developers. Available in Windows, UNIX, and RealTime editions, Rational Suite DevelopmentStudio gives your entire team the power to create more resilient, component-based architectures; automatically generate test harnesses for thorough model- and scenario-based testing; and utilize run-time tools that automatically pinpoint hard-to-find bugs, highlight performance bottlenecks, and find untested code.
Reservoir Labs
Our special skills include optimizing compiler design and implementation, instruction scheduling, Multiflow compilers; VLIW processor architecture and design; virtual machine, processor emulation, Java; and OS tools for high-performance computing.
SAS Institute
ANSI C compiler and C++ translator for IBM 370/390 mainframes. Also support cross compilers that run on UNIX (AIX and SunOS) and generate code for IBM mainframes.
Silicon Graphics
ProDev C++ WorkShop is a GUI-based development environment for SGI platforms.
Softools, Inc.
Cross C compilers for the 8085, Z80 and Z180 microprocessor family featuring large program support using automatic efficient linker generated bank switched programs.
Soft Networks, LLC - DSP Compiler Design
We offer compilers for specialized processors - DSPs, video & graphics processors, RISC processors with accelerators. We also offer simulators and other tools for embedded processors.
SPJ Systems
C Compilers for 8051, AVR and ARM family of micro-controllers.
Sun Microsystems
Sun Microsystems markets a suite of integrated tools for building client server applications in the UNIX environment. Supported compilers include C/C++, FORTRAN 77, FORTRAN 90, and Java.
Target Compiler Technologies
Chess/Checkers is Target Compiler Technologies' retargetable tool-suite for designers and programmers of flexible embedded DSP and micro-processor cores. It consists of an optimising C compiler, an assembler/disassembler, a linker, an instruction-set simulator with source-level debugging capabilities, and a hardware (HDL) generator. All tools are retargetable, based on a user-specified model of the target processor in the nML processor description language.
TASKING products are world-leading tools for embedded software development, bringing together the advanced software design technology needed to compete in the embedded communications era.
Team Remote Debugger
Team Remote Debugger allows you and your team to trace any number of code units of any kind ( ASP, MTS, T-SQL, COM+, ActiveX Exe, DLL, COM, Thread, CFML ), written in any language ( ASP, VB, VC++, Delphi, T-SQL, VJ, CFML ) residing on multiple shared and dedicated servers at the same time, without ever attaching to process!
Texas Instruments
The TMS320C6x Code Generation Tools provide a flexible, software-driven development environment so that application development can achieve faster time-to-market with smaller product development teams -- at performance levels only previously possible with expensive and time-consuming custom hardware.
Unicals Group
Inexpensive C89/C99 and Embedded C++ front-end compilers and related services.