Compiler Topics

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Ada Information Clearinghouse
Includes a searchable database, a calendar of upcoming events, commercial and freeware Ada compilers, test suites, source code, and standards activities.
Archives of comp.compilers
An archive of postings to the USENET newsgroup comp.compilers moderated by John Levine. Includes search capability.
Bibliographies on Computer Science
Searchable collection of 700 locally stored bibliographies and 1,600 links to other sites with bibliographic information. The information is organized into topics covering Artificial Intelligence, Compiler Technology, Programming Languages, Databases, Distributed Systems and Networking, Computer Graphics and Vision, Computational Mathematics, Neural Networks, Object-Oriented Programming and Systems, Operating Systems, Parallel Processing, Software Engineering, Theory/Foundations of Computer Science, and Typesetting. About 15,000 references contain URLs to online versions of the papers.
Bibliographies on Programming Languages and Compiler Technology
Searchable bibliography of references to programming languages and compilers. References include abstracts, but do not contain URLs to online versions of papers.
Catalog of Compiler Construction Products
Modest collection of compiler construction products including lexors, compiler generators, toolbox for compiler construction, C++ compiler front-end, compiler performance test suite, case tool generator, and compiler products. Includes brief description and contact information for each product.
Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters
Catalogues freely available software for language tools including compilers, compiler generators, interpreters, translators, libraries, and assemblers. Organized into categories, and includes a search engine.
Compiler Internet Resource List
URLs to compiler companies and compiler topics.
Compiler Publications
A list of compiler publications with abstracts.
Compiler Resources
Yacc++ Parser and Language Objects Library.
Dictionary of Programming Languages
A compendium of programming languages.
FAQ for comp.lang.c
Frequently Asked Questions for the USENET newsgroup comp.lang.c maintained by Steve Summit and published by Addison-Wesley.
Java Programming Resources
Comprehensive set of links to Java information and resources, including FAQs, tutorials, applets, books, security, and free software.
Programming in C
Papers on the C including the language, the standard and the standard process, the history of C, programming culture, and coding style.
Programming Language Research
CMU collection of information and resources for research in programming language theory, design, implementation, and related areas.
Rice Compiler Group
Rice Compiler Group projects focus on 1) the Massively Scalar Compiler Project (MSCP) which concentrates on compilers for advanced micorprocessors, and 2) the Fortran Parallel Programming Systems and Fortran Tools which concentrates on compilers and tools to support machine-independent parallel programming in Fortran.